about sqlpipe

SQLpipe develops tools and offers services to help organizations make the most of their data.

about sqlpipe

Open source data tools

Our original product, SQLpipe, is an open-source tool that allows you to move the results of a SQL query from one database to another. We also offer a paid version - SQLpipe Pro that supports incremental data loads.

We also offer a new tool, Albatross, that makes migrating from one database to another easier, faster, and safer.


Where we're located

SQLpipe was started in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, and remains incorporated in that state. However, the core team now works out of London, United Kingdom 🇬🇧

about sqlpipe

Meet the team

SQLpipe was started by Cal Mitchell, who was a data engineer frustrated by the lack of "easy" options to move data around.

Cal Mitchell


Cal started his software career working as a data engineer and database engineer. He noticed that his teams were having the same problem over and over again: "Why is it so hard to move data from A to B?" And so, he quit his day job and started building what would later become SQLpipe.

Maria Ignatova

Database Migration Consultant

Maria is highly skilled at converting schemas from one database's syntax to another. Years of working as a project manager before getting a master's degree in computer science gives her fantastic organizational skills that keep projects on track and on budget.


Frequently asked questions

SQLpipe was started by Cal Mitchell, who was a data engineer frustrated by the lack of "easy" options to move data around.

What are the target connections?

SQLpipe can move data interchangeably between PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Snowflake, MySQL, Oracle, and CSVs. It's an open-source program, so you can add your own targets as well.

Can SQLpipe sync incrementally?

SQLpipe supports full load and incremental syncs through Timestamp.


How fast can it move data?

SQLPipe is very fast. Depending on the target connector, SQLpipe can moves many millions of rows per minute.

Is SQLpipe secure?

SQLPipe is deployed in your own environment, no need to trust an outside entity with your data.


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