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SQLpipe's expert data engineers can you help you with database migrations and data pipeline development.

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Our core products

We offer the following tools designed to make building data pipelines and performing database migrations as easy as possible.

free data movement tool

Our original data movement tool, SQLpipe is a free and open-source program that moves data between databases. The code inside SQLpipe is the technology that drives the rest of our products.

Incremental data movement

SQLpipe Pro adds the ability to move large tables incrementally. Contact us to gain access to the tool for a free trial.

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Database migrations

Albatross continues to build on SQLpipe Pro to replicate an entire database at a time with remarkably low latency. This tool is the bedrock of our cutting edge database migration services. Visit our new website to find out more.

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Migration and Integrations services

database migration services

Over 25 database migration projects, and counting

No two migration projects are the same, but you can read about our full database migration process in one of our many database migration guides.

We complement our database migration product, Albatross, with the following expert services:

  • Schema conversion
  • Data migration
  • Testing
  • Supervision of final changeover
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Move data easily from point A -B
data pipeline services

Consulting services to help implement batch data pipelines

Our open-source technology is powering data pipelines at thousands of organisations, including Fortune 500 companies and big name tech firms.

  • Ensure optimal high level system architecture
  • Attain high data throughput
  • Build fault tolerance and error recovery systems
  • Minimize effects on production systems
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What our customers are saying

"SQLpipe is a fantastic tool that solves a lot of data movement challenges. I am especially impressed by it's easy of use, and would recommend it for greenfield and existing projects alike."

Lead Data Engineer

"SQLpipe's performance and ability to move tables incrementally is incredibly useful for organizations that are trying to get value out of large amounts of data in relational databases, such as PostgreSQL."

Jason Strauss
Software Engineering lead

"SQLpipe is a powerful tool that streamlines data migration, by simplifying the process and making it very efficient. With SQLpipe, you can migrate any volume and type of data between databases with ease.

Jose Calderon
Snowflake DBA

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